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artist :
title :
Four Metres
origin :
style :
Thrash Hardcore
format :
number :
CD 11-1777
licensed by :
Molot, 2011
Irond Ltd.
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Dmitry Pertsev - guitars\vocals\bass
Ilya Morzhev - drums

01. The Cucumber is very cunning seafood
02. Fruit Primates
03. As I Met the Olive
04. The Fearful Plug
05. The House of Broken Plates
06. A Date with the Cabbage
07. Uncompromising Cholesterol Intervention
08. Bugs Gonna Eat Your Head
09. Love and Hate of the Red Fish
10. Psychoneurosis of Hot Beer

Total time :  47.56
Music and lyrics by Apelsinovaya Krevetka ©2010
Recorded at Freewind Studio, 2010
Album cover by German Tugarinov
Layout by Mandragora Arts mandragora.arts@gmail.com
Band photos by Katerina Vorobyova of Mandragora Arts
Site design by Dmitry Pertsev, Katerina Vorobyova
Translation by Katerina Vorobyova of Mandragora Arts

Apelsinovaya Krevetka started to exist in 2007. The band members are: Dmitry Pertsev - guitars\vocals\bass and Ilya Morzhev - drums. The demo was recorded in summer 2009. In November 2010 the band began recording the first album at Freewind Studio, Krasnodar. The work was done in February 2011. The music style represents the mixture of hardcore and thrash metal with oriental and Spanish motifs. The lyrics are entirely devoted to all kind of deviations and abound with metaphors and allegories.

дополнительная информация об исполнителе и его альбомах:




The English translation of the lyrics:

The Cucumber is very cunning seafood

The English translation of this song just renders the main idea. It's difficult to convey all the nuances, because it abounds in metaphors, odd speech tokens, allegories, that are typical of Russian mentality. But even for a Russian this kind of lyrics is sometimes queer. Some may consider it nonsense. The idea is to show social problems, single mentally abnormal people against the background that is abstract, avant-garde, metaphoric, and unusual for some people.

The Cucumber is very cunning seafood.
He cheated people and nobody was in.
He got to be a Cunning Shrimp
To cheat us all that way.

When the Shrimp is cooked,
He gets pretty clear.
We can get his pink shell without a problem.
He ain't gonna play the fool,
He's flattered to be served for beer.

Pink Shrimp’s old man and his uncle
Were lying quietly on the plate
While beer sounded in a mug.

Willing prey,
The Young Shrimp,
Is not to break traditions
Until the Young Shrimp
Is swapped for a rubber fish.

Now it's the end of everything.
Chemical bread, got old,
Oppresses and kicks the Shrimp out.
That was the time when the Green Cucumber revealed himself.

Fearing, he got to his feet
And ran to hide himself with Envious Crumbs.
The thing is that the Cucumber turned to be the Shrimp
But not the other way round.

Love and Hate of the Red Fish

She would grow wings
And fly far away
From useless, mean,
And shallow people,
From loathesome
and trivial ones.
Away from the common pot,
Where everyone melts.

Someone's better,
Someone's worse.
Just spice up the thing
With eminent people
And the mass hesitating
Gonna start eating itself.

Add for the amount,
For the measureable number
Of nonentities and just
Species from organic tissue.

If there's no eminent people,
The thing is uncooked.
The mass will be sick
But eating itself all the same.

The Red Fish
Crashes against rocks.
He seeks oblivion
And yearns for going mad.
The Red Caviar feels better
Than the Black One,
That is called different in America,
Because it is politically correct.

The Red Fish feels sorry
For whining outside.
Cooking ingredients
Don't care
For the Red Fish's pity.
They slice Him
And digest.

The Red Fish
Crashes against rocks.
He seeks oblivion
And yearns for going mad.

Different people,
Different ingredients.
They are two-handed and awkward.
I wish they've started eating already.

I yearn for going mad.

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