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     страна : Russia

       стиль : Modern Metal

     contact:  website  e-mail


Stanislav Rybalkin - vocals
Maxim Ajigitov - samples, clean vox
Mikhail Vinogradov - guitar (2007-
Dmitry Golyashev - bass (2007-
Alexey Balanin - guitars (2008-
Andrey Ischenko - drums (2008-

Oleg Sergeev - drums (2005-2008)
Maxim Subbotin - guitars (2005-2007)
Andrey Leontiev - guitar (2005-2008)

'Legendy Bolshogo Goroda' ('Urban Legends') Molot / Irond CD 2006
'Vertikalniy Predel' ('Vertical Limit') Molot / Irond CD 2007
'Krik Mertvoy Svobody' ('Dead Freedom Yell') Irond CD 2008

SCARTOWN will make you bang your head and jump in rhythm until you break cervical vertebra or legs (or both). This young band from Moscow, Russia has released one full-length album and one EP so far but already proven that it is one of the best newcomers on the Russian modern metal/metalcore scene. The first signs of it were the release of debut album entitled 'Legendy Bolshogo Goroda' ('Urban Legends') in the end of 2006 and recognition of Scartown as "the best newcomer of the year on the Russian scene" by the readers of the biggest national metal-music print magazine "Dark City". The album got lots of feedback and great responses from the both press and public. This highly acclaimed work was recorded during spring/summer of 2006 at Z-studio & Navahohut sound (Russia) by Arkadiy Novaho and Nikolay Larin. Mixed by Arkadiy at Z-studio & Navahohut sound in September and mastered by a death-metal Guru Dan Swano at Unisound Studio (Sweden) in October. The booklet and the cover were designed by a talented Hungarian artist Gyula Havancsak. The album was released on November, 13th via one of the biggest Russian labels Irond Ltd . The band performed in various performances throughout winter of 2007, in support of 'Legendy Bolshogo Goroda', but right in five months after this album was released Scartown entered Moscow Sound Studio (5 Diez, Hostile Breed, BeZumnie Usilia) to record EP 'Vertikal'niy Predel' ('Vertical Limit'). Exclusively for this release the band recorded 4 new songs and English versions of the best songs from the debut effort overall improving the sound quality and music style. Multimedia section featuring lyrics, pictures and video was also added to the disc. Once again the album was designed by Gyula Havancsak and released in May, 2007 via Irond. But as a limited edition for this time. This EP brought even greater success. The reaction of the profile press and fans on 'Vertikal'niy Predel' was tremendously good and Scartown started making sorties with gigs to the different Russian cities and towns. In summer 2008 Scartown took part in the big metal/alternative music festival "Red Alert" and in August entered studio to record its second full-length album 'Krik Mertvoy Svobody' ('Dead Freedom Yell'). The album was mixed/mastered in October-November by Jonas Kjellgren known for the outstanding work he did for Scar Symmetry and Sonic Syndicate and designed by Gyula Havancsak. The album was released on November, 24th.

дополнительная информация об исполнителе и его альбомах:

SCARTOWN - Urban Legends

SCARTOWN - Verticalniy Predel

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