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     страна : Ukraine

       стиль : Power Metal


Jenick D. Lenkoff - lead vocals
W. Angel - guitars, back vocals & additional Keyboards
Alexander Zakharov - guitars, back vocals
Alexander 'KoSa' Kovalevsky - bass
Sergei Balalajev - drums

Demo "Far Away " 1996
Demo "Made In Ukraine" 1997
MC Singles Collection 1999
Endless Power CD 2002 (Irond) 11 tracks

The group with the name "CONQUEST" was founded in 1996. It was the solo project of guitarist W. Angel played, and recorded by him. In a consequence for performances the structure was alive typed, Which repeatedly varied, no less than style of music - from hard-rock up to present speed 'n' power metal. The present structure looks so: J.D. Lenkoff lead vocal, W. Angel - guitar, back vocal, Alexander Zakharov - guitar, back vocal, Alexander "KoSa" Kovalevsky - bass, back vocal, Sergey Balalajev - drums. The group participated in various actions in Ukraine and Russia among which there were rather big actions in Kiev, Kharkiv, Rivne, Vinnitsa, Severodonetsk, Belgorod. Also the group has recorded a little demo and one album.

дополнительная информация об исполнителе и его альбомах:

CONQUEST - Endless Power

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